Publications of year 1994
Articles in journal, book chapters
  1. J. De Leeuw. The Lisp-Stat Statistical Environment. Statistical Computing and Graphics Newsletter, 5(3):13-17, 1994. [PDF]

  2. G.G. Kreft and J. De Leeuw. The Gender Income Gap. Sociological Methods and Research, 22(3):319-341, 1994. [PDF]

  3. G.G. Kreft, J. De Leeuw, and R. Van der Leeden. Review of Five Multilevel Analysis Programs: BMDP-5V, GENMOD, HLM, ML3, VARCL. American Statistician, 48:324-335, 1994. [PDF]

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Conference articles
  1. J. De Leeuw. Block Relaxation Algorithms in Statistics. In H.H. Bock, W. Lenski, and M.M. Richter, editors, Information Systems and Data Analysis, Berlin, pages 308-324, 1994. Springer Verlag. [PDF]

Internal reports
  1. J. De Leeuw. Decomposition of Multivariables Using State-Space Models. Preprint Series 159, UCLA Department of Statistics, Los Angeles, CA, 1994. Note: Lecture notes. [PDF]

  2. J. De Leeuw. Statistics and the Sciences. Preprint Series 152, UCLA Department of Statistics, Los Angeles, CA, 1994. Note: A published version is available.[PDF]

  3. J. De Leeuw and G. G. Kreft. Questioning Multilevel Models. Technical Report 31, National Institute of Statistical Sciences, Triangle Park, NC, 1994. Note: A published version is available.[PDF]

  4. G. G. Kreft, J. De Leeuw, and L. S. Aiken. The Effect of Different Forms of Centering in Hierarchical Linear Models. Technical Report 30, National Institute of Statistical Sciences, Triangle Park, NC, 1994. Note: A published version is available.[PDF]

  1. J. De Leeuw, C.C.J.H. Bijleveld, and F.D. Bijleveld. Families of State Space Models. Note: Unpublished, 1994. [PDF]

  2. J. De Leeuw and J. Bond. Manipulating the Regression Line with Xlisp-Stat. Note: Unpublished, 1994. [PDF]

  3. J. De Leeuw and V. Lew. Block Recursive Path Models. Note: Unpublished, 1994. [PDF]

  4. J.W. Tukey. Comments by John Tukey on Multilevel Models. Note: I did not write it, 1994. [PDF]



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