Piedmont, Portland History

The history of Piedmont (and immediate surroundings) consists of many interlocking histories, each one corresponding with a particular organizing principle. There is the broader history of Native Americans, who were here first. Then, more specifically, there is a history of homesteads (Lewis Love, David Ullery, John Fenstermacher, George Smith, Evander Howe), of subdivisions (Piedmont, Loveleigh, Lovewood, Green C. Love Addition, Gainsborough Addition, Saratoga, …), of streets (Rosa Parks, Ainsworth, MLK, Bryant, Vancouver, Albina, Lombard, Columbia, Interstate), and of buildings, projects, and parks (Peninsula Park, Farragut Park, Villa Santa Rosa, Holy Redeemer, Evergreen Park, Automobile Camp, Rankin Airport, Vanport, Ockley Green School, Minnesota Freeway, Columbia Slough). The history of Piedmont persons will be embedded within these separate histories, which are all lined up to be written.